1. r i p Easter bunny

  2. Easter??? 420???
    U decide

  3. pauljuno:


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  4. I’m uncomfortable with humans but this kinda made my morning too
    Here’s to being high enough to say hi


  5. happy birthday weed

  6. psychedelic-sixties:

    Mira-X-Collection Decor By Verner Panton

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  7. i got tha whole world in ma hand

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  8. Pablo Picasso, Angel Fernandez de Soto with Woman, c.1903

    fucking picasso knows 

    that’s why its fine art

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  9. pretty much about anything sounds good with you

    i’d be willing to do some stupid shit with you

    because somehow the rest of everything just fades around you

    this is something new

    the world melts when there’s you

    i won’t need to worry because if you are here what’s there


  10. also every day i question how i have any followers at all and like maybe half of them are robots or some weird space glitch but props to anyone who even puts up with me on their dash  you’re a survivor & i admire your courage


  11. livin off rosemary bread n this dime bag

  12. i’m new to this whole being happy thing but wow cool times i’ve been making progress lately and its cool i can actually let myself admit it

    Yesterday I got high and cried of happiness for the first time in along time or maybe ever I can’t remember im not a big crier 

    …~(~’.’~)~…thnks mom dad therapist and evryone else who is kind and supportive(all internet friends) \]\] ~..|.~

  13. teng-o:

    An important family photo

    if no one believed ian was famous ok here is kiki shipka or wutevtrrrr

  14. Also I guess there’s Shizuka
    And Sam and our collective pets aka kitty ginger chewy
    Ian u got ur own post entirely
    Being happy is strange

  15. My three friends

    Or something