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  2. vegtble:

    this doesnt look anything like you but i started to draw these little spheres when my friend was talking to me n they look kinda cool so ya

    aw i jus saw this i like it though because the face frame is so accurate so sweet mosie posie t y and u spelt name right kudos 2u4evr 


  3. "I’ve become a living apology, I am sorry"
    — an eight word poem (d.v.e)

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  4. vegtble style at da doctors today because y u leave me in this mini waiting room for an hour bitches

  5. David Catá

    want do want do

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  6. vegtble:


     Roger Weiss

    i love this so much. why don’t we draw figures like this at school?? lol


  7. virtualgirlfriend:

    remember 2 b nice to dogs


  8. Ricky Eat Acid

    Three Love Songs

  9. so this is happening now?????? if u r from internet and going to desert daze hmu ~_~_~

    c ya’ll in da desert this weekend despite my claims at how much i hate the heat

  10. lolkt:

    I have 4 friends and they are all named Ian


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  11. "we would make a good rap music video."

    stick around for me and amphs new music video for the discovery channel droppin at 4;20 pm c u next tuesday @ a bestbuy near u

  12. yah i jus wanted to show off my new mumu or whatever u call these dress things its gr8 uh i’m not going to mention i got it at goodwill but i just like to lounge around pantless ok don’t worry about it i have a washing machine

    um the hemp was the best light aside from screen brightness i found a hat pin but no hats so it is in my hair these things need some use except they’re weapons? 

    i’ll delete this when i wake up

  13. r i p Easter bunny

  14. Easter??? 420???
    U decide

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